Golden Fluffy Delights: Authentic Moroccan Malwi/Msemen Recipe

Golden Fluffy Delights: Authentic Moroccan Malwi/Msemen Recipe

Moroccan Malwi/Msemen is a flatbread that is a treasured dish with deep roots in Moroccan culinary heritage, known for its delightful textures and flavors. Originating from traditional Moroccan cuisine, Malwi/Msemen is a versatile flatbread that can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. These square-shaped flatbreads are loved for their soft, fluffy, and puffy consistency, making them a favorite among families.

Moroccan Msemen can be crafted using various flours such as thin semolina, all-purpose flour, or even wheat flour. However, for this recipe, we will be using extra fancy durum flour. This unique flour, with its fine and smooth texture, sets it apart from thin semolina. The golden yellow color of extra fancy durum flour adds a beautiful hue to the Malwi/Msemen and contributes to its softness and fluffiness when compared to traditional thin semolina varieties.

By utilizing extra fancy durum flour in this recipe, we aim to achieve the softest, fluffiest, and puffiest Moroccan Malwi/Msemen possible using the Thermomix. Stay tuned as we delve into the specific ingredients and steps needed to create this delectable dish, ensuring you achieve the best possible results with your Thermomix.

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- 750g extra fancy durum flour
- 1 tsp salt (or to taste)
- 1 tbsp honey (or sugar)
- 450g water ( you may need more, check the steps)

Ingredients for forming Malwi:
- 1/2 to 1 cup melted ghee
- 1 cup almond flour or thin semolina
- 1/2 to 1 cup canola oil

Preparation Steps:

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine extra fancy durum flour, salt, honey, and 450g water.
  2. Start kneading using the dough function on your Thermomix for 6-8 minutes.
  3. After 1 minute, check the dough consistency; adjust water if needed for a soft, and slightly tacky but not overly sticky. 
  4. Divide the kneaded dough into 8-12 balls on a work surface, shaping them based on desired Malwi size.
  5.  After dividing the dough into balls, cover them with oil and plastic wrap, allowing them to rest for about 15 min.
  6.  Prepare the ingredients for forming the Malwi: melted ghee, almond flour/thin semolina, and canola oil.
  7. Take a dough ball, flatten it thinly on an oiled surface until translucent.
  8. Apply ghee, sprinkle almond flour, then cut a line from the center to the edge.
  9. Roll into a cone shape, then press to form a ball. Repeat with all dough balls.
  10. Flatten each formed ball to 1cm thickness, using ghee/oil.
  11. Cook on a cast iron or granite pan, turning to achieve a golden-red color and puffiness.
  12. Serve the Malwi with honey-butter, blossom water, or egg and cheese. Enjoy the flavorful dish!




Here are the pans I use to cook my Malwi/Msemen, which yield the best results - especially the granite one. Cast iron is also excellent, but it requires proper care to prevent rust. To maintain cast iron, ensure it's thoroughly dry after washing, season it regularly with oil, and store it in a dry place. I particularly favor cast iron for larger Msemen.

 Nonstick Granite Crepe Pan

16 Inch Cast Iron Pozza Pan

14 Inch Cast Iron Pozza Pan


I'm curious, would you like me to share Moroccan Msemen recipes using different types of flour? If so, what flour preferences do you have for your Malwi/Msemen?



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